September ’13

So this actually looks like it’ll be my first proper post on my new site. I’ll do it as regularly as possible (we always say that don’t we) but I also keep my facebook page up to date if you happen to find yourself here and haven’t seen much recent activity. So what i’ve been up to…

I’ve been rehearsing with Kitchen Party recently, they’ve got some really interesting things lined up! You can download their free mixtape by clicking on that link.

Recorded a video with Florrie the other day live at RAK studios in London. Hopefully that will surface soon!

I’ve also been writing with Ed & Phil from Turin Brakes to work up some songs for some really exciting artists.
Been mixing some songs for a project with Inga-Lill Aker that are sounding great. Also been in the studio recently recording for Ethan Ash & Janet Devlin’s song and with James Robinson.

I’m playing with Mezzowave at Big Chill House in Kings Cross next Thursday (12th) with the mighty Alison David & Angie Brown on vocals, then i’m in Paris with Florrie on 1st Oct then in November i’m going on a UK tour with Jake Shillingford, click here to see the poster.

I’ll be on BBC radio Cambridge in a couple weeks discussing being a self employed musician. I’ll be sure to link that up on here.

I think that’s all for now. Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying this prolonged awesome weather we’re having!