Daudi Matsiko – A Brief Introduction To Failure

Proud to say that my good friend Daudi Matsiko‘s debut EP ‘A Brief Introduction to Failure’ is now released.

Daudi and myself are old friends, we work in High Hopes Society together and have been making music together since we were school kids so when he mentioned that he was looking to release something under his own name it was the obvious choice for me to help where I could and be a part of the process.

It’s the first record i’ve ever fully engineered and produced so it’s very dear to me. It was recorded at my home studio in Brighton. Ryan from High Hopes Society also came down to help with the process and I got my good friend and songwriting compadre Ben Daniel on board to advise and play on the record. (the guy is the sort that can play most instruments and make them sound incredibly musical!). I also managed to get my good friend and fellow Brighton muso Dan Leavers (from Soccer96/DA-10/The Comet Is Coming) to play Alto Sax on the record.

The EP was recorded through a Universal Audio Apollo with a variety of microphones from Se Electronics through to an Auditus Electronics modified NT1-a.