Mamas Gun – Introducing our brand new drummer boy…

So this is actually happening… I’m now the drummer for Mamas Gun – truthfully it feels really strange to say that – I’m actually in the band (how did that happen??) – Avert your eyes for soppiness – It makes me feel a sense of belonging that I very rarely feel in this career in [...]

Paper Swans – Bibliotheque Music Library

The Paper Swans album that I worked on with close friends Tim Bidwell & Ben Daniel is up on the Bibliotheque Music Library site. It took about 6 months to finish and features some amazing singers. We had a lot of fun making it. It was made exclusively for licensing purposes so if you’re in [...]

Luke Sital-Singh – The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow

I had the total pleasure of recording drummy bits on Luke Sital-Singh’s new EP (Release: 25th Sept). The song ‘Still’ from that EP has already had several Radio 1 plays and a feature on Radio 2. Here’s the official video: Luke Sital-Singh – Still (Official Video) Pre-order on iTunes and get ‘Still’ instantly –

Daudi Matsiko – A Brief Introduction To Failure

Proud to say that my good friend Daudi Matsiko‘s debut EP ‘A Brief Introduction to Failure’ is now released. Daudi and myself are old friends, we work in High Hopes Society together and have been making music together since we were school kids so when he mentioned that he was looking to release something under [...]

September ’13

So this actually looks like it’ll be my first proper post on my new site. I’ll do it as regularly as possible (we always say that don’t we) but I also keep my facebook page up to date if you happen to find yourself here and haven’t seen much recent activity. So what i’ve been [...]